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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who will maintain the website? staff
  2. Any extra maintenance fees?
    No, just the flat monthly fee
  3. Can I add my own customers?
  4. Can I add my own products?
  5. Any limit to the number of customers which can use the service?
    No, no limit at all
  6. What if the website goes down?
    We have subscribed with a web hosting company which guarantees 99.99% uptime. In case we are so unlucky to encounter that 0.01% chance, then our back up mirror copy of the website will go live.
  7. What if my customer has different addresses and different orders for those addresses? supports multiple ship-to 's (addresses). Your customer will be prompted to select the ship-to before placing/changing an order.
  8. What about departments? Our customers have different ship-to 's and different departments for each ship-to?
    Departments are also supported. Your customer will be prompted to select ship-to and the department before placing/changing an order.
  9. What about cut-off times? I don't want my customers to place orders after a certain time.
    You will be able to set up cut-off times for each day's orders.
  10. How about messages? Can I put special messages for my customers?
    There are 3 screens your customer will see, and for each screen you can put the message you want.
  11. Can I display a logo?
    Yes, you can display your company logo for your customers to see